Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy Hump Day!

One of my favorite actresses is Mindy Kaling. I think she is hilarious, beautiful, real, and a great role model. She has taken control of her career and doesn't let anyone tell her she can't do something. 

I found this quote by her and I totally agree!

So many kids today, boys or girls, really base their self worth on what others think about them. What they don't realize is that in the scheme of things, those people in high school are a speck of sand in the lifetime they plan to live. 

I saw a quote somewhere that stated, the friends you have in high school were your friends because you saw them five days a week. I completely agree. It is rare to hold on to a few good friends, because most of the time those relationships are relationships of convenience.

High school isn't an easy place to be, but if you get through it so many wonderful things await beyond that. 

September is suicide awareness month. I really just wish so many people truly saw things clearly before they do something as rash as taking their own life. Something that seems impossible today, will cause you to look back and become stronger for it.

Life truly gets better.

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