Monday, November 24, 2014

Random Update!

Wow it has been forever since my last update!

We are busy, busy, busy! Basketball season is in full swing and so are the holidays! The Hubby's team is currently 1-1. I'm dressed for the game. I love that his team's colors match my favorite college team U of L. Makes it easy to have double duty with my clothing!

One thing that I can say is that I am completely done with Christmas shopping! I don't know if I have ever completed shopping before Thanksgiving, but I did this year! Online shopping is a life saver. I pretty much bought everything that way this year!

The Hubby and I went on a date night this past weekend. We went to eat at Firehouse Subs and to see the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. 

It was a great night. I had never ate at firehouse subs, but it was really good. Then how can you go wrong with any of the Hunger Games movies? Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress. I just love her in all her movies! I cannot believe I have to wait another year to see the conclusion... at least I read the books, I know what happens. I cannot say the same thing for the Hubby, so he is just left wondering! We are both #TeamPeeta. 

Don't mind the dark picture. It was me being sneaky with pictures in the movie theater!

I have been working on some crafts. When the Hubby is watching football, I usually like to have something to do. If not I end up falling asleep whether I want to or not... so needless to say not only am I done Christmas shopping, but everything is wrapped. I have also made two fleece tie blankets and this Sunday I worked on some coffee mugs and plates.

It's a super easy craft to do and it is inexpensive. I buy coffee mugs or plates from the Dollar Tree and use permanent markers to decorate them. Then you bake the item in the oven at a low temperature for an hour and you can hand wash the dish.

Here is a Harry Potter inspired coffee mug I created!

Until next time,