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Favorite Songs...

I grew up in Southern Indiana, so the music there was always on country, so I never really listened to anything else.

As I got older I started to listen to more genres of music. I also started to watch MTV's TRL (Total Request Live), does anyone else remember that show? I started to expand my horizons.

Now I would say I listen to an eclectic style of music. On my iPod I listen to anything from bluegrass to hard rock/screamo. Most of the time I fall listening to somewhere in between.

Some of our favorite songs are:

Goodnight Moon, Why I'm Home, Go to Hell- Jason Lancaster (formerly of Mayday Parade, now he is the lead singer for Go Radio). We really love anything by Jason, especially his acoustic stuff on YouTube. Make You Feel My Love- Adele: I just really love this song! It's so simple and pretty to listen to.Cruise- Florida Georgia Line: This really just makes me want to dance and look like an idiot while driving my car down the road!Wagon Wheel- Old Crow Medicine Band: I r…

An Amazing Cat Story!!!

I first saw this amazing story this morning on Good Morning America.

The quick run down of the story is that a 4 year old little boy was out playing in his driveway where his neighbor's dog runs over and starts to attack him. The little boy's cat, Tara, comes to the rescue by tackling the dog. They were able to capture the entire event on a security camera.

It's an amazing show of animal instinct and love! I can't believe some people prefer dogs over cats! I just love a feel good story.

Growing up my parents always had dogs, but my husband's family always had cats. When we got our own house we decided to get a pet. Our yard is too small for a dog and I don't want to leave a dog crated while we are at work, so we decided a cat would be a great pet. Well one cat led to two cats, Bella and Socks.

They are my fur babies! Studies say that people who have pets live longer. I can understand this because they are so sweet and make us so happy.

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S'more Treat Mix

Summer is getting closer and closer! The weather is starting to get up in the 70's more consistently here!

When I think about summers I think about being outside around a campfire and I love making s'mores! It isn't always practical to do that, so I found an easy snack alternative for when you can't make s'mores around the campfire.

S'more Treat Mix

Chocolate Chips or Hershey's Chocolate Bars (I used the mini bars)Graham CrackersMini MarshmallowsDirections
Spread out wax paper or foil on your kitchen counter.Take between 10-15 squares of graham crackers and break them up into smaller pieces. I made each square into 4 pieces.In the microwave melt your chocolate in 30 second intervals ( I used 6 mini Hershey bars)Once smooth, take a spoon and drizzle your chocolate over your broken graham crackersTake about 1 big handful of mini marshmallows and sprinkle over the graham cracker and chocolate mixture.Let this set up on the counter or pop it in the refr…