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Being a Mom is Hard Enough...Being a Perfect Mom is Impossible

I'll be the first to say it, being a mom is hard. I LOVE MY DAUGHTER, she is one of my two bright spots in my day (my hubby being the other).

I never realized until she came along how hard tackling being a wife, mom, career, house, and life would be. I am a hard-worker and Type A personality. I like to do things well and on the first time, but there isn't enough time in the day to do it all. The expectations that have been set by society or other mom's isn't what I have to be and I need to remember that.

I read an article by Simple As That, it was talking about how we need to stop letting perfectionism ruin motherhood. It really hit home. My Hubby and daughter don't care if I'm not dressed in fancy clothes with my hair in place or cook a 5 star meal for dinner, they will remember if I was present and engaged with them in whatever we are doing. 

I've felt like I have blinked my eyes and my daughter's 2nd birthday is approaching. Time goes by so quickly and …