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Let's try this blog thing...

Hello, my name is Kara. I am an avid blog follower. I follow several cooking and DIY blogs. Blogs just seem so silly since you are reading tips and tricks written by a complete stranger and that they become so addicting.

After you read for awhile, you get to a point where you feel like you know the blogger and you are freinds. Then when they haven't posted in a week you are wondering what happened!? lol. I guess that is a sign of a good blog, a good writer and devoted readers!

So I decided that a blog might be a great way to document some of our adventures as a married couple. We are in our twenties, but we are wise beyond our years. My husband, Joe, and I do not think like most 20 somethings! We are trying to start our married life out on the right foot.

I may be biased, but I feel like we live a frugal lifestyle in an unbelieveable fashion, so I hope to use the blog as kind of a living album of adventures in our life!

Until next time!