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I love this song!

Grow Old With You - Adam Sandler / The Wedding Singer - Cover by ortoPilot

I just found this song on YouTube the other day and loved it. I know its from the Wedding Singer movie, but this guy does a great cover. It made me think about the Hubby and I loved it!

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July Overview

Once again, I am behind on posting on my blog. 

We just have been crazy busy again this month. We closed on an investment property and have been busy working there in the evenings. We are in full demolition and paint everything mode!

For some reason this month we have been playing a lot of board games in our free time. I think I might try and host a game night with friends soon. It's so much fun playing! 

I am sad to admit the hubby finally defeated me in a game of Scrabble... I couldn't believe it, but the world is right again and I have beat him every game since.

P.S. Don't you love my vintage Scrabble board I got forever ago from my Great Grandma? It's a turntable, so you can turn the board to face you each turn!

The Hubby and I went on an overnight date trip to a local hotel/casino for a little mini vacation. Oh I just love his funny faces!

Our local drive-in movie theatre closed a few years ago. Well they opened back up this summer! So we made a trip out there and watc…