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Final Pictures from the Rental Property!

The Hubby and I are determined to set ourselves up for the future. Times have changed and raises are hard to come by now. We want to plan for our future, which requires some effort and planning on our parts. We set a goal to have a rental as one of our future investments. Now we can check this off our list.

We are officially done with the rental property....well I say officially, but we still have a few things left to do, but our renter moves in tomorrow. The other changes can wait.

This has been a long journey. I feel like the house now reflects the potential we saw in it.

When you walk in the front door, you enter the living room. A reminder to what the house was before: smelly, dark, musty, and dirty. No we went for modern, fresh and clean.

Once you are in the living room, you will see the connecting dinning room. You still had the dirty carpet and dark paint.

Once you are in the dinning room, you can walk directly into the kitchen. The kitchen had old wall paper border on the walls. Th…

Thanksgiving Digital Art

While everyone is busy with last minute Halloween plans, I'm already thinking about Thanksgiving being just around the corner. 

I don't have too many Thanksgiving or fall decorations, because I go straight from Halloween, to a short time period of Thanksgiving decor, and then on to my favorite holiday, Christmas. 

I love to add new pieces of digital art each year. Here is a printable piece of digital art I created! Enjoy!

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Friday Round Up!

We haven't had much going on since getting back from Las Vegas, but I thought I would do a quick post to catch everyone up!

1. We have been trying to relax before the Hubby starts coaching basketball again. This year he will be coaching 8th grade boys. This should be interesting to see, because he also teaches these kids. 

This year it seems that I will trade in my stat sheets for the game book. We will see how this transition goes! But I would rather go to all the games, keep the book and see my husband, rather than go home and wait until 10:00 pm to see him. Let's hope that I'm a fast learner!

2. The rental property is in the last stretch of completion. We move our renter in next week. I am hoping to get all the tools and supplies out of the way this week in order to do my final walk through pictures! I can't wait to post the results. I think the property looks fantastic. I am so proud of our results.

3. The Hubby has always been fascinated with Las Vegas architecture. H…

Las Vegas Fall 2014

We are back! Last week we headed to Las Vegas on the Hubby's Fall Break. This is the first time we have ever been in October and the weather was great!

I think this was our favorite vacation together so far. We had a great time. We arrived late Saturday night to the Riviera Hotel & Casino. We love the Riviera. It's an older hotel on one end of the strip, but it comps well and it's not as crowded as mid-strip.

We were staying here for two comp nights. We had a great time playing the Bridesmaid slot machines.

The Hubby was happy that we were in Las Vegas for Sunday Football. We went to the Westgate Hotel (formally Las Vegas Hilton). They have the world's largest sports book. It was really crazy watching the games there because you never knew what screen people were screaming at!

We took a trip downtown on Sunday evening. We always have a good time downtown. It's a lot less crowded than the strip. We had fun playing the vintage horse racing machine that still takes q…

Enjoying the weather! Random things going on...

Indiana weather is unpredictable... we didn't have an overly hot summer (which I am so thankful for) and we have been having really comfortable temperatures. So we have been taking advantage of it when we can!

I have been decorating for Halloween in the house. My "little sister" from the Big Brother, Big Sister organization helped me decorate a pumpkin last week.

The Hubby and I went golfing the other day. Well he golfed, I just was the caddy (or really I just walked with him while he golfed). He enjoys my company and commentary.

The girls enjoyed hanging out with me on my 1/2 day off the other day. I was amazed how close they got without fighting....I am sure it didn't last long, but I was able to capture a picture of the two together!!! Progress...progress..

We will be going on vacation soon. I CAN'T WAIT!!! I am trying to take it one day at a time, but it's like being a kid at's so close, but yet so far away! However, I did get a free bouqu…