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Ways to Save Money on Groceries

The Hubby and I have been together 8 years this month. We have been together since we were freshman in college. 

The unique and fun thing about our relationship is that we have kind of grown up as adults together. 

When we were in college we both were living year to year on what we earned from working in the summer months. That means we never could be extravagant with what we purchased for groceries.

We learned pretty early how to budget our money to stretch it as far as we could. 

Now that we both have worked full time for 5 years, times have changed, but I still love to save money. There is no better feeling than getting a great deal!

Here are a few ways to save at the grocery store:
  1. Digital Coupons: These are so easy and help save big. I mainly grocery shop at Kroger. It is super easy to register your Shoppers Card to instantly download digital coupons to it.

    This is what I primarily do to save our family money. I try to combine the digital coupons with Kroger sale items.


    Most Friday's Kroger has a "Free Friday Download", you get to download a coupon on Friday to get a free item. It might be a new yogurt, new soda that Mt. Dew introduced, chips, etc. They are awesome. The coupons seem to range in value from $.49-$4.99. It's an amazing way to try something you might not buy ordinarily!

      This was last week's download.

      Wal-Mart is another store where you can get coupons digitally. Just make sure to check it out!
    1. Apps: There are so many apps to help you save money.

      Wal-Mart introduced their Savings Catcher, which allows you to upload your receipt and the app checks all local sale ads to insure you get the lowest advertised price on your name brand products.

      Checkout 51 is an app that I have used. Each week it will have a new list of products you can save on. If you buy one of those items you can upload your receipt and you bank the savings. Once you reach "X" amount you can get a gift card sent to you!
    2. Online Websites: There are a lot of people who have dedicated jobs to helping people save money. Kroger Krazy is great resource if you shop at Kroger. She shows you how and when to match up coupons, digital coupons, and other discounts. is another great resource for coupons.
    3. Paper Coupons: Don't forget about just good old fashioned Sunday paper coupons.

      Our Kroger also mails out customized coupons each month for things we frequently purchase. It might be $.50 off toilet paper or a FREE Kroger brand dressing. Either way it is a win-win. I am getting rewarded for being a loyal Kroger shopper and I am getting discounts on stuff I am going to buy anyways!
    4. Not Just Groceries: Don't think you can just save money with coupons on groceries. We love to use coupons in everything! If we go out to eat, do an activity, or even go on vacation.

      If you are going shopping, make sure to check out Retail-Me-Not. They offer a lot of discounts to various stores, whether you are shopping in-store or online.

      Groupon is great for planning activities at home or on vacation. They also offer discounts for purchasing custom made items for your home or gifts. We bought show tickets for The Mentalist in Las Vegas. It was a great way to save about $20 per ticket.
    If you want to make your families money stretch a little further, don't hesitate to work one of these strategies into your life. Digital coupons are the easiest and fastest way to save money. 

    I hope you are able to save a couple dollars this week!

    Until next time,


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