Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sometimes you just need to remember...

I have kind of been MIA lately. We haven't been up to a lot this summer and I just haven't felt like writing much. I think my time would have been better spent by building an ark, because with all the rain we have gotten it seems like we keep needing it!

I have been in a funk lately. It just seems like things don't always go the way you plan it out in your head. Sometimes life just decides to throw obstacles in your way. But no matter what happens you always have to remember...

So when life decides to be an a-hole and throw obstacles in your way, just make it one more course to conquer and remember what you have to be happy about.

I have a wonderful husband, a great family and friends, and a great life.

It's easy to discount the positive things in your life, when you are only focused on the things your don't have or the negative things that come up.

Just remember, everyone has those days, weeks, months or years. But what shows your true character is when you are able to look past the negative and refocus on the positive. 

Just remember to smile.

Until next time,


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