Monday, March 23, 2015

Las Vegas Road Trip 2015 Prep- Snacks

We are in full swing Las Vegas Road Trip preparation around our house! 28 hours in a car will be interesting to say the least....

I have been making lists of everything I need. We don't really want to spend a lot of money on our way there on food, so I have been buying snacks.

I have been preparing for our upcoming vacation for over a month. I have checked the sale ads each week to stock up on snacks and meals for the trip. 

We have a selection of chips, crackers, candy bars, beef jerky, chex mix and peanut butter. I will buy stuff for turkey and ham sandwiches, cheese cubes and grapes when it gets closer to time.

I stocked up on bottled Pepsi products when Kroger had them on sale for $1.88 per 6-pack. This way we won't have to splurge on soda for our hotel room when we are on the trip. You will pay more for one 20 oz. bottle then I did for six 24 oz. bottles. It's crazy!

I will also have frozen water to keep the cooler cold and that way you can drink it as it thaws and some Gatorade.

I keep hoping that I won't forget anything important!

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