Thursday, January 1, 2015

Here's to 2015!

I can't believe 2014 is over... it's crazy how time flies. I can't tell you how many times my parents said that as you get older time seems to go by quicker. When you are 15-16 years old, you want time to go by quicker, now I'm like slow down!

2014 was a great year. The Hubby and I made a lot of great memories! I hope we can make many more this year!

I know a lot of people start out the new year with resolutions. Most of those resolutions are dropped by the time February rolls around. 

So I am not going to make resolutions. I am just going to write about my hopes for 2015 and beyond.

1. Not live for tomorrow's but appreciate today.
This year has been full of heartbreaks and sadness. It seems like the news is full of terrible stories. It seems like it's always too late that we realize what is important in life. I am going to try and put that first.

I want to enjoy time with my husband. Enjoy life everyday and make the most of what we have. Life is too precious to put things off. You never know what life can throw at you.

2. Walk around more.
I have a new Fit-bit that I got for Christmas. I am going to try to strive to walk more. Don't get me wrong, I could stand to lose a lot of weight, but why focus on the negative when you can look at the positive? I have a husband who loves me no matter what, so I am going to start walking around more. If I lose weight, great! If not, it's still good for me!

3. Mark a couple things off our bucket list.
The last time we took our vacation to Las Vegas, one of our best evenings was sitting around in our hotel room and talking about what was on our bucket lists.

We are planning a road trip to Las Vegas in the spring. This is going to be a 28 hour drive. Some people said it's crazy and that we should just fly. But it's an adventure. The Hubby has always said he wanted to do this and before we have kids and can't we are going for it. Life is what you make it right?!?

4. Don't let the little things change our attitudes.
It's so easy to let others dictate your attitude and emotions. This leads to letting them effect how your day goes. We both have to try to not let others decide if we are going to have a good or bad day. I know this is easier said then done, but you always have to start somewhere.

I know that not all of these will be successful 100% of the time, but maybe they will make a difference in our lives this year!

Here is to 2015. Let this be an even better year!

Until next time,


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