Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ice Cream Cake

As a child you always looked forward to a time when you would get to have Dairy Queen's ice cream cake. We didn't get them very often because my mom preferred real birthday cake and they were super expensive!

I caught myself wondering if I could recreate the beloved ice cream cake. So I set out to try...I don't know if technically this should be called an ice cream cake or an ice cream bomb? Any suggestions?

You can use a spring form pan if you have one, but I chose to make my cake in a small bowl.

Ice Cream Cake

2 types of ice cream you want to use (I used vanilla and chocolate)
Oreo cookies (crushed)
Hot Fudge Sauce
Cool Whip

  1. Let your ice cream set out on the counter to soften up.
  2. Line your pan or bowl with plastic wrap.
  3. Once your ice cream is soft and spreadable, take it and spread it all along the bottom and sides of the bowl or pan you are using. Once you have an even layer, pop the pan in the freezer to harden back up.
  4. While the pan is hardening back up, in a small bowl take a cup of crushed Oreos and start mixing it with the hot fudge sauce. You will make a thick paste. This is going to be our cookie layer.
  5. Take your pan out of the freezer. Add your next flavor of ice cream. I used chocolate. Place it back in the freezer to harden up for the cookie layer.
  6. After about 10 minutes, take out your bowl and spread your cookie mixture over top. You should still have a small amount of room before the top of the bowl. We want to finish this off with the first ice cream flavor.
  7. Wrap the plastic wrap on top and press down slightly, compacting the ice cream into the bowl.
  8. Allow to freeze for at least an hour.
  9. In the meantime, allow your Cool Whip to set out and thaw a little. You want to mix about a cup of vanilla ice cream with your Cool Whip. This will cover the entire ice cream cake.
  10. Once your cake has refrozen place a plate on top of the bowl and flip it so that the ice cream cake comes out. Remove the plastic wrap.
  11. Now use the Cool Whip mixture to "ice" the outside of the cake. Then place in the freezer to set up.
  12. Serve after about 10-15 minutes!
*Tip: Use a knife that has been warmed in hot water, then wiped off to cut the ice cream cake.

The best thing about this cake if you can customize it for what you like. I had a thick cookie layer, but you could switch up the kind of ice cream. Also the amounts of ice cream you will need will greatly vary by the type of container you use to make your cake in. I used about a pint and half of vanilla and half a pint of chocolate!


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