Friday, March 28, 2014

Life is too short...

I am a fortunate person. I haven't experienced death like others have. I can count the number of viewings and funerals I have attended on one hand. I know that this number will only continue to grow as my age does, but this week death really got me thinking about life.

A man I knew from back home was only 34 years old and passed away in an instant from a heart attack. I won't call him my friend, but we have known each other since I was 10 or 11 when he was the high school/college kid that umpired at my little league softball games.

He was 34 years old... It makes me think on how precious life truly is on a day to day basis.

My husband and I recently watched the movie "About Time", while I won't call it a blockbuster of a movie, but it did get me thinking.

Spoiler Alert: The father tells the son in the movie to live each day twice (because he can go back in time if he wants). The son does this for awhile. He lives a day normally with all the joy, mishaps and frustrations. Then he goes back and just fully enjoys the day. He ultimately chose to live each day as the only one and just learned to enjoy it for all it had to hold for him.

While this possibility is impossible to you and I, it makes you think, why sweat the small thing that will mean nothing tomorrow?

I know that I will still have times that at the end of the day I am tired, stressed and just wishing for tomorrow, but I think we should each take a minute and realize that we are alive. We need to tell our family and friends that we love and appreciate them, because no matter how often you think you tell them, it could always be more.

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