Wednesday, March 5, 2014

15 Random Facts to Know About Me

15 Random Facts to Know About Me

1. 100% Nerd: I am 100% a nerd. I love Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, Disney, Sookie Stackhouse, Twilight, 50 Shades, etc. If I could throw themed parties for the movies and books that I love. I totally would, but I would rather not look like a crazy person!

2. I love to read: My husband hates when I get a new book series, because not only do I binge watch TV shows, but I binge read. I have been trying to make an effort to limit how much I'm reading per day. I'm currently reading Sookie Stackhouse series. I'm on book 8 and have checked the rest out from the library.

3. I love to cook and bake: I wish we had little fairies in the world that would clean dishes when I get done cooking or baking, because that would make the process even more enjoyable, but so far I have had zero luck in that department. But I still love to feed people. To me that is comforting to take care of others.

4. I love to sing Karaoke: I am a normally very reserved person and I'm not one who likes to be the center of attention. However, I do love to sing Karaoke. I am nervous every time I go up there, but no matter what I sound like, it's still always fun. I have yet to convince Joe to duet with me... but I continue to try or nag, however you want to look at it!

5. Craft Addict: If I could spend infinite money each month buying craft projects and supplies, I would. However, I am not a crazy person (even though Joe might differ on days I drag him into Hobby Lobby), but I do enjoy creating new decorations, gifts and home decor for our house.

6. Pinterest Addict: I love all things Pinterest. Except for the fact that it really hinders productivity around the house. I could pin 5,000+ things on how to clean the house better, while I should be cleaning the house, but usually I'm just pinning! It's addicting to see all the different ideas that you can find in one place. I do like getting recipes and DIY decoration ideas from the site.

My favorites:

7. Candy Bar: Reese's Cups, followed by Milky Ways & Twix bars
8. Food: Pizza followed by a close second of chicken and dumplings
9. Color: Blue (like Colts blue....or my bridesmaid dresses from our wedding)
10. College Team: Louisville Cardinals
11. Sport: Basketball
12. Pro Teams: Colts & Pacers
13. Animal: Polar Bears

14. Las Vegas: We love to go to Las Vegas. We are getting ready to go again. It's our favorite place to travel. It has cheap hotels, cheap entertainment, poker, blackjack, sports betting, lights, and the alcohol is free! What is not to love?

15. Favorite TV Shows: Breaking Bad, The Newsroom, Glee, The Mindy Project, New Girl, Modern Family, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Boardwalk Empire

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