Monday, August 10, 2015

It's Monday...Let's Catch Up!

Monday is back again. I just feel like it always knows how to sneak up on us! Friday doesn't ever decide it wants to sneak up. It takes it's merrily good time to get here.

We have had a busy week. School is back in session and golf season has started. It's a really busy 6 weeks for the Hubby. We are busy every Saturday until the end of September with golf!

We have lived in our house about 4 years. My sister had been living with us for the past year as she went to school. She recently moved into her own apartment and I decided it was time to paint and redecorate the guest room since we never did anything to it since we moved in. 

This is a before picture. I am still waiting on a couple things in order to post my after pictures!

I haven't been posting very many recipes lately because I have been on a diet. Talk about bummer. I really want to be baking all kinds of stuff, but brownies and low carb do not really go together.

I have been doing the diet since the middle of July. I can tell a little bit of difference in my cheeks, but hopefully I'll start to see more and more.

I have been working on a menu for my college roommate's bridal shower. I am in charge of desserts. 

Here is a dessert menu I created. (ps. this is NOT LOW CARB). It'll be all I can do just to test these out and not devour them!

The cat's have been really busy too. Why buy toys or expensive pet beds when you can play with a golf tee or sleep in a Scene It? box???

Until next time,


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