Thursday, February 26, 2015

50 Shades of Okay...

I have read the entire 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. Okay, if I am being honest I have read the series twice, but who is really keeping track?

Anyways, when I heard that they were going to make the series into a movie I was skeptical. There is a lot of inner dialogue in the books, so I wasn't sure how or if they would portray that in the movie and how would people understand what was going on?

Last night the Hubby had an away basketball game, so I decided to head to the movies and check it out. Let me just preface this with saying I went to the 6:10 pm showing and the theater consisted of me and two 65+ old couples.... talk about awkward...

I think the movie was okay. It's hard to make a movie like this accurately portray what you imagined while reading it. I feel like the actor choices were okay. I wasn't sure about the main characters, but I do feel like they fit the roles better than I expected. 

I know a lot of people are on opposite sides of the fence about this being a love story and this being an abusive relationship. Since I read the book I can see both perspectives. 

If you hadn't read the book or books, the actions would look just like abuse. I believe the "punishment" part at the end was the last straw because it crossed the line from pleasure to pain just for the sake of it. You will have to read book #2 or see movie #2 to see how the story continues to play out.

Overall, the movie was okay. I will see the following movies, just because I want to see how they play out the books in film, but you won't see me standing in opening weekend lines or being a DVD I buy.

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