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Homemade Halloween Decorations

I love this time of year. It is full of holidays, fall weather and family gatherings. I love to decorate our house to reflect the current holiday season.

I am gearing up for Halloween. Each year I try to catch stuff on clearance to use for the next season, so after I got out my Halloween stuff, I realized I still needed a few things. The Hubby and I headed out to the Dollar Tree and I set out to find a craft project.

I have always seen on HGTV or in magazines the bowls on the coffee tables with ornamental balls that match the room decor. Well if you have ever seen those at the store each ball can cost $7 and up. That is crazy, so I decided to make a Halloween version with googly eyes. Is googly a word? I'm not sure, but lets just roll with it.

This project is super easy and inexpensive. I used three packs of googly eyes, three golf balls and two wiffle balls. I got the craft eyes and wiffle balls at the Dollar tree for a total of $4. I stole the golf balls from the Hubby's pile of not very good balls.

Halloween Ornamental Ball Centerpiece
  • 3 packs of craft eyes
  • Wiffle Balls
  • Golf Balls or any other size balls you want
  • Hot glue gun
This project is super simple. Just take whatever size ball you are working with and cover a small area with hot glue. Then just randomly place the different size eyes all around. Keep working in small areas with the glue until they are completely covered.

Since I was using a wiffle ball which contains holes, I covered part of the holes, but once I was through I put orange tulle in the center of the wiffle balls for just a little extra color.

I loved the way they turned out! I think they are super fun.

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Date Night Jar

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Until next time,


I do not own the rights to any of these songs or videos. You can find the videos on YouTube.

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