Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We are TV and Movie folk!

Joe and I are officially what you consider TV and movie folk.

I don't know how many times we will be with family and friends and they make the comment, "Hey do you want to watch _______?"

We usually have to respond, well we can, but we already saw that one!

So because I think we have pretty good taste in TV shows, I decided to make a list of our favorite of all time TV shows! I know there are plenty more we should watch, but give us time people, give us time!

Here is our list:

1. Breaking Bad-

Breaking Bad is the absolute best show we have ever watched! I mean that is a big statement to make, but 100% true.

To think that Joe didn't want to keep watching after episode 1 because it was "too intense"...whew that would have been a HUGE mistake.

If you haven't see it I would definitely recommend getting Netflix and watching the entire series (it's officially all online now).

Disclaimer: This show is addicting and we have been known to binge watch 6+ episodes, so beware if you had any other plans.

Breaking Bad

 2. House of Cards-

This is a Netflix original show, so we decided to give it a try. I am so glad we did. It is a great show, with good acting and a great plot.

I really hope this isn't a true portrayal of politics, because it is a messed up world!

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright do an excellent job acting in this series.

We heard it was picked up for a 3rd season. We can't wait, it'll be awhile, but we already binge watched Season 2 in a week!

House of Cards

 3. Boardwalk Empire-

We had a point last year where I got angry at our Internet provider and cancelled our service. 

We found ourselves without Internet. Joe and I started going to our local library to use the computer here and there. We found ourselves in the DVD area of the library and decided to find some shows to watch. Here is where we found Boardwalk Empire.

We were skeptical in regards to how we would like this show, but we were pleasantly surprised on how much we enjoyed this gangster prohibition era show!

Since we don't get HBO we have to wait for the new seasons to be released on DVD to catch up!

Boardwalk Empire

4. The Office (US)-

This show is one of our all-time favorites.

We had a tradition in college have dinner with friends and to watch the NBC Thursday night line up.

Anytime I had a night class on Thursday's I raced back to our apartment to catch The Office, because it was the days before DVR.

The earliest episodes are our favorites. Steve Carell made the show. We still will randomly select an episode to watch when we are eating dinner in the living room.

It is the type of show where we can watch the same episode we have see 20 times and still laugh. I was sad to see it end.

The Office (US)
5. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia-

This is another show that was on our Thursday line up in college.

This show is totally ridiculous, but don't we all need that show that is funny and silly, but we still love it?

I think so.

That is what this show is for us. But intertwined with the humor are really hot button topics that the show touches on and makes you think.

I think it is a really well written, funny show!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
6. Modern Family-

This is a new find for me.

I had always heard stuff about Modern Family beating out The Office for awards, but had never seen the show to see what the fuss was about... Well the fuss was that this show is hilarius!

USA shows Modern Family in mini marathons (which I completely have a love/hate relationship with.  I love that I can watch several in a row, but I also hate that I watch several in a row, because I don't get stuff done!)

This show is a real Modern Family and the characters are perfect. I would recommend this to anyone!
Modern Family
I would say these are the shows that Joe and I would both agree are our favorites.

Joe tends to disagree with some of my TV show choices, but we all have those guilty shows we hate to admit we enjoy.

But here is a quick list of my guilty pleasures:

1. Glee
2. New Girl
3. The Mindy Project
4. Teen Mom (don't judge me please!)

Until next time, watch a new TV show!


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