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Book & Movie Review- Molly's Game

Joe and I recently read the book Molly's Game. We decided we would read the book while we waited for the movie to come out on DVD. photo credit link It is hard to believe it was a true story and just not made up. I am not one who likes biographies or reading to "learn." I like a good dramatic up and down story and this fits into that category. It's an action packed book about poker, greed, and knowing who to trust.  Molly Bloom- photo credit link The book details Molly Bloom's rise to run a secret celebrity rich poker game in back rooms and fancy hotels. The book drops some big names that many will recognize from many movies we watch on the big screen. IMDb's description of the movie is, "The true story of Molly Bloom, an Olympic-class skier, who ran the world's most exclusive high-stakes poker game and became an FBI target." photo credit link I would highly recommend reading the book first, because the movie does not use names
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Friday Things

Blogging has been one of those things that has fallen to the wayside. Life gets busy. Anyone else with an almost two year old knows... you can't turn your back for a minute!  Anyways, I want to try to blog more often. It's a way to look back at things we have done and reflect. Time flies and you forget little things and my blog is a way to look back. So to catch up with us a little. Cassie will be 22 months this week. WHERE HAS TIME GONE? I mean we have an almost 2 year old. It's hard to think about. She is spunky, stubborn, sweet, and funny. She's talking more and more and getting louder at doing it. Our nephew has a bounce house at his birthday party and she loved it! She isn't too coordinated yet, but she will sure try to keep up with the older kids. PS. Do you see that little pony?!? I love it, but seriously if she doesn't have her hair in a pony tail it looks ridiculous. She is at the weird growth stage where she doesn't have a ton but it has a

Spring Break in Las Vegas

Once again we traveled to our favorite place.... LAS VEGAS! We had four days packed with fun. The weather was great while we were there. In Indiana, however, it was terrible, so a good week to miss! By now everyone should know we are planners and love to get good deals. Well Las Vegas is a town of deals if you look close enough. Before we went we were able to snag some items from our MyVegas game on Facebook. We had two FREE night helicopter tours over the strip, a complimentary picture with the helicopter, two FREE show tickets to KA at MGM, two FREE show tickets to The Beatles LOVE at the Mirage, and two 2-for-1 Buffet tickets to the Mirage buffet. All those items together were valued at over $600. We paid $0 for them. I also got some items off Groupon for super cheap! So before we even left we had planned out what nights we were doing what and so on.  We arrived in Las Vegas on April 1st and headed directly to our hotel. This was our first time at Harrah's. We loved our locat

Being a Mom is Hard Enough...Being a Perfect Mom is Impossible

I'll be the first to say it, being a mom is hard. I LOVE MY DAUGHTER, she is one of my two bright spots in my day (my hubby being the other). I never realized until she came along how hard tackling being a wife, mom, career, house, and life would be. I am a hard-worker and Type A personality. I like to do things well and on the first time, but there isn't enough time in the day to do it all. The expectations that have been set by society or other mom's isn't what I have to be and I need to remember that. I read an article by Simple As That , it was talking about how we need to stop letting perfectionism ruin motherhood. It really hit home. My Hubby and daughter don't care if I'm not dressed in fancy clothes with my hair in place or cook a 5 star meal for dinner, they will remember if I was present and engaged with them in whatever we are doing.  I've felt like I have blinked my eyes and my daughter's 2nd birthday is approaching. Time goes by so quick

Las Vegas Once Again!

The Hubby and I just made our 8th trip to Las Vegas! Our favorite place to vacation. Baby Girl got to stay with her Mimi and Pappy while we were gone. We had a great trip filled with food, fun, and plenty of gambling. We didn't hit it big, but it was a great vacation of spending quality time with the Hubby. We stayed 3 nights at the Rio. The Rio is just off the Strip. We like staying here because it's not near as busy as being on the Strip.  The Rio recently added a KISS themed putt-putt golf course. We played and it was fun, but I am horrible!  September is a huge month for us. We both had big birthdays (3-0... let's not talk about that) and our anniversary. So we both decided instead of buying gifts we would do something fun in Vegas.  We decided to see a show and we picked Absinthe.  It is SO worth the money. If you get offended by ANYTHING, please do not see it. It is acrobatics  mixed with crude comedy. We had a great time! We saw this show when it fi

Time is Flying By...

Wow does time fly. Between baby, work, and life, I don't have a lot of spare time! When I do get it you will see me watching junk TV or taking a nap. We have been busy! Baby girl turned 1. O-N-E! I cannot believe it has been a year since she was born. She is officially 13 months old. She is stubborn, funny, and a talker.    She still won't walk. Just refuses to try, even though she can walk with toys and up and down furniture. She gets that from her dad. I know I'm not stubborn at all!  We went on our very first family vacation! We headed to Atlantic City in June. We had a great time. We won some money, enjoyed the weather, and had fun. Cassie loved walking the boardwalk. She loved that everyone wanted to talk to her. We celebrated her actual birthday with a mini unicorn cupcake and SHE LOVED IT! She hated the ocean, but loved the sand. We couldn't keep her out of it.   We had such a fun time! It was different from our other vacations, but w